Perry Beeches The Academy Trust Governance Structure


Rev P French
Hazel Pulley
John McGrath
Pam Garrington


Pam Garrington (Chair)
Hazel Pulley
Johnny McGrath
Catherine Griffiths

We have a number of ‘Attendees’ who are invited to the ‘Trustees’ meeting but have no voting powers.  These include all the Chairs of the Local Governing Bodies and the Headteachers of all the schools in the Trust.

Local Governing Perry Beeches The Academy
Yvette Saunders Co-opted Governor
John Woodyatt Co-opted Governor
Ian Cox Co-opted Governor
Tony Wood-Jones Parent Governor
 Paul Clayton  Associate member
 Tracey Rollason  Associate member
Ese Adeoye Headteacher
Clerk:  Anne Hewitt


Local Governing Body Perry Beeches II
Tim Day Chair of Governors /Community Governor
Geraldine Henry Parent Governor (elected)
Neville Kennedy Parent Governor (elected)
Beulah Harris Co-opted Governor
Emma Nenadic Co-opted Governor
Gemma Patel Staff Governor (elected)
Geoff Guerin  Community Governor
Kevin Rogers Headteacher
Clerk:  Matthew Fell


Local Governing Body Perry Beeches III
Martin Bayliss Chair
Heather Roberts Vice Chair (Co-opted Governor)
Beverlie Weston Non-teaching Staff Governor
Linda Francis Parent Governor
Emma Hagan Parent Governor
Ayanna Flash Parent Governor
Vacancy Co-opted Governor
Andy Brant Headteacher
Clerk: Jodie Breakwell


Local Governing Body Perry Beeches IV
Matthew Cannan Co-opted Governor – Vice Chair of Governors
Georgina Mendez Co-opted Governor
Daniel Binks Co-opted Governor
Susan Sharma Bradley Parent Governor – Chair of Governors
Carol Bernard Parent Governor
Sue Twells Community Governor
Nasim Akhtar Staff Governor (Elected)
Russell Bond Headteacher
Clerk: Samantha Hibbs


Local Governing Body Perry Beeches V
Jack Smyth Vice Chair of Governors
Steve ODonnell Co-opted Governor
John Hillen Chair of Governors
Mohammed Tasveer Parent Governor
Siema Ali Parent Governor
Perdip Mann Secondary Headteacher
Caz Brasenell Primary Headteacher
Clerk: Kelly Mubarik

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